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Safety is our top priority at SolidusMarkets™, and we offer investors unparalleled levels of protection. Our commitment to financial security includes negative balance protection and bank guarantees. On the technological front, we employ an impregnable platform design with cold storage or fiat-backed solutions and segregated accounts, ensuring the utmost security for you to trade safely.


At SolidusMarkets™, we are dedicated to embracing technological innovation. Our automated trading platform incorporates advanced functionalities such as pending orders, stop loss, and take profit, empowering traders with advanced trading capabilities. With immediate execution and a wide range of unique assets, our high-quality trading platform caters to diverse investment strategies. Furthermore, our investor platforms are fully customizable, allowing for a personalized trading experience.


SolidusMarkets™ values the personal relationship with our clients, considering you as our partner rather than a mere product. Our team of financial market experts stands beside you, offering real-time knowledge, trading guidance, and comprehensive education to support you throughout your investment journey. Our Investor Care team is readily available through multiple communication channels to address any inquiries you may have. Furthermore, we strictly adhere to GDPR regulations, ensuring robust privacy protection measures are in place.

A trading platform made to improve your Financial future

At Solidus Markets, we aim to transform your financial future through our cutting-edge trading platform. Experience the best CFD trading platform designed for achieving financial freedom while ensuring safety in every trade. With advanced risk management tools and secure trading features, we empower traders to navigate the dynamic Forex market confidently. Take charge of your financial journey with Solidus Markets and unlock the potential for success.

Attain Financial Autonomy

SolidusMarkets™ empowers you to forge a new path towards financial independence. With a growing selection of digital assets at your disposal and the guidance of our dedicated experts, we equip you with the essential tools to expand your investment portfolio.

Steadfast Performance

We believe in letting the numbers speak for themselves. While past performance does not guarantee future results, our tools and guidance have consistently delivered solid results. The chart illustrates the average real-time performance over 3 and 6 months for investors with an account value of at least $25,000. At SolidusMarkets™, we not only surpass industry benchmarks, but we also set new standards of excellence.

Seamless Accessibility

At SolidusMarkets™, our goal is to positively impact individuals' financial futures without unnecessary financial burdens. We ensure that your funds are readily available for effortless deposits and withdrawals. By offering instant crypto-backed withdrawals, our investors can conveniently access digital currencies on a global scale.

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SolidusMarkets™ offers a wide array of assets spanning various market segments, providing you with numerous options for liquidity and diversification.

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Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, our platform enables traders to seize opportunities during market downturns and leverage their investments for maximum returns.


Benefit from our advanced platform capabilities, which include lightning-fast execution, comprehensive monitoring tools, and convenient access on the go.

Trade on 5,000+ market assets in a minute

At Solidus Markets, we understand the significance of diverse trading assets in maximizing your Forex trading potential. Having access to a wide range of assets is a key factor in achieving success and profitability. Our trading platform stands out as the best CFD trading platform for online trading, offering a comprehensive selection of assets across different classes, including forex pairs, indices, metals, and energy commodities.

Forex pairs

Forex pairs form the cornerstone of our trading platform. With major, minor, and exotic currency pairs available, traders can capitalize on global economic trends and political developments to make informed decisions and seize trading opportunities.


Indices are another crucial asset class available on Solidus Markets. Traders gain exposure to entire markets, tracking the performance of leading stock exchanges worldwide. Diversifying your portfolio with indices allows you to hedge against market volatility while benefiting from overall market growth.


Metals, such as gold and silver, have intrinsic value and serve as safe-haven assets during economic uncertainties. Our platform enables traders to tap into the potential of precious metals and diversify their investments for long-term stability.


For those seeking to trade energy commodities, Solidus Markets offers access to the dynamic world of oil and natural gas. Energy prices are influenced by geopolitical events and supply-demand dynamics, providing traders with ample opportunities to profit from market fluctuations.

Trading Platform Features


Trade Your Way

Achieve financial freedom with our advanced order execution for all trades. Benefit from guaranteed stop-loss, take-profit, and real-time alerts. Intuitive pending orders and proprietary trading tools, including a trading dashboard, journal, technical analysis, and news, ensure safe online trading.

Intuitive Charting

Experience our dynamic trading platform with a proprietary charting package for seamless chart-based trading. Utilize 60+ technical indicators and advanced drawing tools for thorough technical analysis. Benefit from Multi-Chart views and Intuitive Module Linking, all while exploring diverse trading assets.

Easily Customizable

Trade safely with our best CFD trading platform boasting a highly intuitive design. The platform's clean, simple interface offers easy drag & drop capability. Configure your trading environment using advanced profile settings and multiple trader workspaces to accommodate your evolving strategies. Optimize layouts by combining widgets through our modular tabs technology. Enjoy total control with enhanced search functionality embedded into multiple widgets.

Power Watchlists

Optimize your trading with multiple watchlists across various market segments. Our platform offers flexible setup options with list and tile views. Execute quick trades directly from the watchlist. Improve risk management with pre-configured Stop Loss and Take Profit features. Access instrument information effortlessly from the watchlist. Discover a comprehensive array of trading assets on our automated trading platform.

Maximize Gains in Market Volatility

SolidusMarkets™ empowers you to capitalize on both upward and downward market movements. With our platform, you can hedge existing assets, take advantage of stock market rallies and declines, and trade a diverse range of assets, including currencies, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, all in real-time.

Seize Opportunities On the Go

Participate in worldwide market trading, track open positions, and capitalize on profitable prospects right from your mobile device.

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SolidusMarkets™ Making Headlines

Solidus Markets Broker Review: Transforming Cryptocurrency Trading for Users

What sets Solidus Markets apart from other crypto trading platforms is its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. While other platforms prioritize their own commissions and offer limited services, Solidus Markets places the interests and benefits of its clients at the forefront of its business model. This client-oriented approach sets Solidus Markets apart as one of the leading crypto trading platforms today

Solidus Markets: A Comprehensive Trading Solution for All Traders

Solidus Markets is a secure and trustworthy choice for traders, regardless of their experience level. The platform's team of experts is committed to providing the necessary guidance and assistance for expanding your portfolio. With an increasing number of digital assets and advanced trading tools at your disposal, Solidus Markets instills confidence, allowing you to trade with a focus on a brighter financial future

Solidus Markets: Achieving the Perfect Blend of Technology and Human Expertise

Solidus Markets incorporates advanced algorithmic analysis that surpasses traditional statistics, offering deeper market insights and real-time data. Its platform includes automated features such as pending orders, stop loss, and take profit, providing users with enhanced risk management capabilities in cryptocurrency trading and other market assets. The platform leverages tier 1 multi-layered liquidity and utilizes different exchange parameters to ensure traders have real-time information and access to the best opportunities.

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Why choose SolidusMarkets

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  • Trade more than 5000 assets.
  • Award-winning platform with automated features.
  • Personal treatment to trade safely and successfully.
  • Superior Trading Conditions - No restrictions on short selling and scalping as well as low spreads.
  • Full guidance on opening crypto wallets.
  • Segregated accounts and cold storage.
  • Leverage trading and easy access to a wide range of asset classes available. Trade on currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, light coins, soft and hard commodities, shares, well-known indices, Exchange-Traded Funds and options on popular shares and commodities.